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Education and Training

Education is a primary focus for Peacespark. Our trustees are experienced educators themselves and we strongly believe in the importance of education in building an empowered society. We are involved in a host of educational initiatives to support our lofty goal of building a self-sufficient society.

Training Initiatives
  • Training people in essential domestic skills – cooking, cleaning, childcare etc, so that they can be self-sufficient in their needs.
  • We provide job consultancy to provide career opportunities to underprivileged folks so that they can be economically independent.
  • We also aim to hold, arrange and organize meetings, lectures, talks, discussions, seminars, conferences, competitions, debates, as well as audio-visual programs
Educational Initiatives
  • We believe that books unlock the key to knowledge for one and all. Towards that goal, we aim to set up libraries, learning centers, research centers, and reading rooms. We even have a lofty goal of getting into book distribution
  • Additionally, our goal is to publish periodicals, papers, and bulletins. We also aim to build our own podcasts, video lectures, and release our own magazine at some point.

Financial Assistance, Scholarships, and Donations

In many situations, financial assistance is essential for underprivileged folks to find success in life. One of our major goals is to support the same in the best possible way. This goal would not be possible without donations, and we kindly urge you to support our cause with donations.

Our financial assistance service include
  • Providing fees, books, equipment’s, and/ or scholarships to deserving students (including mid-day meals for underprivileged kids)
  • Sponsoring children’s education.
  • Donating to other public charitable trusts/institutions recognized U/580 G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Monetary assistance and social service to individuals affected by natural calamities.


As the adage goes – Health is wealth! Without good health, it would be impossible to imagine a society that is self-sufficient. With that in mind, it is imperative that we involve ourselves in the field of healthcare.


Our financial assistance service include

Women empowerment

It is said that women are the pillar of any society and we cannot agree more. We strongly believe in women’s rights and we feel that women should be at the forefront of social justice and social development. We dream of a world where women have equal rights and find support to achieve their dreams and goals without any discrimination and persecution.

Women empowerment initiatives
  • Empowering women by supporting them in their responsible roles with family development, and to assist them in their journey off social, political, and economic growth. 
  • Supporting marriage expenses.

Elderly support and assistance

The elderly folks in our society have contributed a lot to build the world and give us what we have today. In their old age, we feel that it is our duty to support us. Towards this goal, we strive to support people in old age homes, orphanages, widow homes, poor houses or other establishments. We also work hard towards the relief and/ or betterment of the poor, old and infirm people and/ or destitute.

Ecology and Agriculture

In this day and age where our society faces a serious threat to its existence due to ecological challenges such as global warming, we wish to create an example by zeroing in on ecological support. Towards this goal, we will strive to promote organic farming, hi tech farming, green house farming among the farmer community. Our goal is to educate them to live healthily and hygienically and set up eco-friendly villages, and to help them make the most out of keeping ecological advantages in mind.


Motivation and Mindfulness

All of us are big fans of mindfulness and we are enchanted by the power of Yoga. In this day and age where stress and pressure pins us down, following mindfulness exercises, meditation, and Yoga can do wonders for our mental health and bring us closer to discovering who we truly are – which is indeed the recipe for success. We aim to engage experts to guide and motivate students and community members by teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.