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Who We Are

About us

Peacespark Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to kindle a spark of peace, harmony, and self-actualization for underprivileged individuals. Registered as a Trust under the provisions of Indian Trust Act, 1882, we work hard to support underprivileged and vulnerable sections of our society. Our work is aimed to offer constant support and assistance for women, children, and the elderly, through a wide gamut of activities such as education, social development initiatives, mindfulness training, and financial support, amongst others.

Our mission

Our mission is simple – we have an overarching goal of helping the underprivileged individuals of our society achieve the magical triad of peace, harmony, and self-actualization. We have a team of spirited organizers and volunteers who are willing to go the extra mile in order to bring about positive change in our society. We provide a wide plethora of services in support of the underprivileged – including scholarships, healthcare and medical support, training initiatives, monetary assistance and donations, career guidance, building learning resources and libraries, teaching Yoga and mindfulness, and encouraging organic farming, to name a few.

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Our values

We aspire to create a world where all people are treated equally and where people from vulnerable groups receive the best opportunities, support, and resources that will provide them a wholesome life. We aim to achieve that through kindness, positivity, mindfulness, and mutual understanding. We believe that empathy is one of the greatest human values – being able to feel what a fellow human being is going through, and doing actionable work to support them is the greatest good deed. We believe in peace, we nurture harmony, and our goal is a society that is blessed with self-actualization.


Meet our Trustees – the guiding forces that keep guiding and supporting us in our exciting journey!

Chandrakala B R


Chandrakala is a teacher and a social worker with several years of experience. A holder of BA and DT Ed degrees, she is passionate about building a better world through social justice initiatives

Varun Mune Gowda


Varun possesses 20 years of experience as an educator. He holds an MSc.,  B.Ed, and M.Phil degrees and is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics  at Periyar university. Varun dreams of a world where underprivileged folks find success in life through impactful social initiatives.

Administration & Staff

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Harold Torres

Transitions Coordinator

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Gloria Peterson

Program Manager

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There are many ways to help our cause

We would never be able to achieve our goals without the support of our volunteers. Come join us in our journey to make the world a better place for vulnerable communities!


Make a donation to Peacespark to help support our initiatives. You can avail tax exemption for your donations, under Section 80G of the Income Tax act.


Join our team of spirited volunteers who work tirelessly to bring a smile to the faces of the people around us!